Ok friends…. whew what a year it’s been!!! I don’t have much good to say about 2020. Last March we canceled our concert out of concern from the Coronavirus (COVID 19). We immediately caught some flack. But, within a couple of weeks, all major sports had cancelled events and churches were quickly closing in-person services. Of course during last March, none of us had any idea how bad things would get.

Most of our Gospel Jam friends know this, but on April 1 of last year I got sick. I quickly ended up in the ICU and shortly after that I was placed on a ventilator. Things looked pretty grim. But thanks to a whole  lot of prayers and some really good doctors and medical professionals, I pulled through it. I spent a month in the hospital and underwent over 150 tests, but they could never figure out what happened to me. So I know more than anyone on earth about what diseases I DON’T have. I suffered a lot of lung damage but I’m finally getting slowly better each day. So, if you thought my singing was bad last year, just wait until you hear me next time.

My doctor has been adamant that I’m not supposed to be around people, so Rhonda and I have pretty much stayed around home for almost a year.  We’ve been keeping extremely safe. You usually don’t get 2 chances to beat the ventilator. But I’m scheduled to get a vaccine in a couple of weeks. As soon as Rhonda and the rest of the Gospel Jam team get theirs, we’re hoping that we can start meeting again on Thursdays for practice and see if we can get our musical groove back on.

So all of that means that we’re seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. We will be keeping a close watch on the virus situation and have high hopes that we can have a concert by the end of summer or early fall.

Feel free to sign-up here for blog updates and we’ll try to keep everyone informed as we go along. We’re all anxious to sing some hallelujahs!!!!!

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