started as a small jam on the front lawn of a Baptist church. The jam attracted a few musicians but quickly attracted a large clapping and foot-stompin’ audience. We play bluegrass, folk and other Americana music styles.

The program has now become more of a concert than a jam as it offers the entire audience an evening of music in a genre that is hard to find in today’s music scene. The “Jam” is spirited and audience interactive with stories, contests, and fun activities. The evening has included everything from clogging contests on a bubble-wrap covered floor to kazoo night, where we play a song and everyone attending gets a kazoo to play and take home.

We’ve had Yodel night with an audience yodel contest and vocal limbo night, where audience members compete to see “how low can you go”. It’s always fun and gives the audience an opportunity to be part of the show.

We have a core group of musicians and singers that play through a sound system but everyone is encouraged to clap and take part. There is nothing we like better than a room full of folks singing along!

To keep it interesting and add diversity to the music, we will sometimes break the evening into sections. The first section is a traditional gospel sing where we play songs that entice the audience to sing along.

As the evening progresses, we may change and add instruments to finish the night with rock-a-billy gospel or host a visting band that fits with Root Gospel Jam style.

The evening wouldn’t be complete without our infamous free BBQ plate-dinner and refreshments.


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